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Ray Arthur Wang Horror Thriller Stanford Berkeley WEBMASTER: Eric Yee (email) FILMMAKER/ACTOR: Ray Arthur Wang (email, personal webpage) PUBLICITY TEAM: Anand Chandrasekaran, Laura Iliescu, Peter Kiszka, Garland L. Yee, Victor Ko, Alexis Brigham Visit the flash version CARMA ENTER FLASH SITE ENTER HTML SITE CARMA SYNOPSIS Compartment Yelophant CREW Famous Melissa Panages CAST CONTACT Raw Power Productions, Inc. and Rage Film Studios Present Carma A film by Ray Arthur Wang Status: Post-Production (Shooting began c. 04/04/04) Genre: Narrative/Thriller/Feature (81 minutes) Location: San Francisco Bay area YouTube Tagline: Four is the number for death .... Synopsis: A chilling tale unfolds, it involves an abandoned CAR haunted by a psychopathic killerís dead MA. A gritty, fractured narrative revolving around the theme of karmic justice, CARMA tells the stories of four average Americans who meddle with the unknown and meet with a sinister fate linked to the mysterious car they find themselves unable to pass up. And the story of the original owner who escapes from prison to reunite with his car .... and his mother. -- Laura Iliescu and Ray Arthur Wang Buy.com CARMA SYNOPSIS CREW Cinequest CAST CONTACT FEATURING Monika Lynn, Bob May, Justin McBaine, RAW as THE FOUR PROTAGONISTS AND (In Alphabetical Order) Andre Amarotico, Kay Amarotico, Dane Andrew, Carlos Francisco Ayala, Nate Barbaccia, Alexis Brigham, Jesse Brooks, Julianna Decontreaus, Valerie Guinan, Jennifer Heil, Tahlea Johnson, ChaRandle Jordan, Peter Kiszka, Victor Ko, Chris Labrum, Bernie Lin, Christopher Lin, David Lischinsky, Laura Magowan, Sarah Zain THE FOUR PROTAGONISTS Monika Lynn Bare Bones International Independent Film Festival Bob May Delray Beach Film Festival Justin McBaine RAW THE CITIZENS OF MOORHEAD COUNTY Kay Amarotico Dane Andrew IMDB Carlos Francisco Ayala Nate Barbaccia Alexis Brigham Jesse Brooks Valerie Guinan Jennifer Heil Tahlea Johnson ChaRandle Jordan Peter Kiszka Victor Ko Chris Labrum Bernie Lin Christopher Lin David Lischinsky Laura Magowan Sarah Zain THE KIDS Andre Amarotico Julianna Decontreaus THE ANIMALS Tigger Oci Peter THE CARS The Ferrari 360 Spider meets the Haunted Accord Visit the flash version CARMA SYNOPSIS CREW CAST CONTACT Writer & Director: Ray Arthur Wang Consulting Writer: Glenn M. Benest Co-Writers: Laura Iliescu, Asen Angelov, Garland L. Yee, David Lischinsky, Steven Song Voice-Over Co-Writers: Valerie Guinan, Ben Cohen, Bob May Edited by Philip Wood, Garland L. Yee Special Effects Editor: Philip Wood Assistant Special Effects Editor: Agnes Bernstein Producers: Rodolfo Cabrera-Rosales, Ray Arthur Wang Executive Producers: Helen Wang, Eric Lin Line Producer: Rodolfo Cabrera-Rosales Consulting Producers: Debbie Brubaker, Eric Byler Assistant Director: Jibraan Lee Director of Photography: Bri Robinson First Assistant Camera: Arno Salters Key Make-up/Hair Stylist/Special Effects Make-up: Mia Earnshaw Production Sound: Hantje Radafy, Brian Relph Assistant Production Sound: Amy Cheung, Amy Reed, Christopher Fusick, Miles Steuding Original Music Composed by Phillip Wood and Ray Arthur Wang and Performed by Glovebox (Mouse, Tari Karkanen, Alex Lilly, Karma Moffett), Manifest (Brandon Brigham, Paul Heiman), and Quartetto del Pranzo (Dawn Madole, Andrew Lan, La Verne Chen, Ray Arthur Wang) Non-Original Music: Popular - Pink Floyd, Woody Herman Classical - Brahms, Vivaldi, Ravel Gaffer: Walter Kotkowski Key Grip: Andrew Bland Grips: Neal Mhaskar, Marcus Kuhne, Brad Ungar, Prescott Stanton, Angel Vasquez Script/Continuity Supervisor: Ulises Escobar, Muriel Rasolofo, Kiko Villaran Unit Production Manager (In Alphabetical Order): Nate Barbaccia, Rodolfo Cabrera-Rosales, Jibraan Lee Assistant UPM: Amy Romano, James Chen, DJ Jiang Acting Coach: Kay Amarotico Assistant Acting Coach: Ulises Escobar Documentarian: Beau Brigham Press/Publicity Editor: Laura Iliescu Financial Consultant: Eric Lin Visit the flash version Download Trailer